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Are you struggling with ...

  • Unsatisfying clinical supervision?
  • Lack of practice focused training?
  • Missing your professional community?
  • Starting a private practice and need help with case consultation, business development, or mentorship?
  • Unsure about how to apply evidence-based treatments into your practice?
  • Worried you don’t know how to offer long term therapy?
  • An established clinician wanting to diversify your services, but don’t know where to start?

Why work with us?

  • Receive clinical supervision from highly qualified supervisors with over five years of experience in the clinical field.
  • Build a practice that you love and geared towards your strengths.
  • Apply evidence-based practices and treatments that will help you feel more knowledgeable of best practices and treatments for your clients.
  • Create diverse services that set you apart from other clinicians.  Such as how to build a new group, program, or course for your clients.
Clinician Development Collective

High-Quality Clinical Supervision, Consultation, and Training!

The Clinician Development Collective was born due to the rising demand for competent, confident, and knowledgeable mental health clinicians.

We believe that excellent clinical care is derived from cultivating the strengths of the clinician through high-quality clinical supervision, foundational training, career development and growth, community, and support.

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Services Offered

Clinical Supervision Towards Licensure

Looking to acquire clinical supervision towards licensure? We want to ensure that your time in supervision is focused, goal oriented, and a worthy investment. Our supervision is led by supervisors with years of experience supporting pre-licensed clinicians thrive and develop as astute, compassionate, and effective clinicians.

Clinical Consultation and Coaching

Focused and solution specific consultation and coaching for clinical cases related to high-risk and complex disorders related to mood, anxiety, trauma, and eating. Evidence-based practices Exposure and Response Prevention, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Essential Clinical Training

We offer a wide range of training on some of the most used evidence-based treatments. These training sessions are a wonderful way to learn more about the treatment and how to apply it in your practice.


In order to be the best clinician, we can be, it is imperative that we seek support and for our own well-being and serenity. Join us for workshops and support groups focused on cultivating strength, serenity, and balance.

Clinician Connection

Ready to get started?

Set up a time for us to talk and I will go over our packages!


Clinician Development Collective’s mission is to offer services that derive excellent clinical care through cultivating the strengths of the clinician by offering high-quality clinical supervision, foundational training, career development and growth, community, and support.
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