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Clinician Development Collective

The Clinician Development Collective was born due to the rising demand for competent, confident and knowledgeable mental health clinicians. Our mission is to help you provide excellent clinical care by knowing and cultivating your strengths. Services we offer include high-quality clinical supervision, foundational training, career development, community and support.

We provide a clear roadmap to help you build your confidence and grow as a professional. Bringing you over 20 years of experience, knowledge, competency and best practices. We invite you to join us on the journey to becoming an effectively and successful clinician.

Clinician Connection

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Meet the Founder & executive Clinical director

Lara Effland, LICSW, CEDS-S

Lara is the founder of Clinician Development Collective. A licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the states of Washington, Illinois, and Texas. Lara recognizes that today’s mental health clinicians face new levels of both personal and professional stress, and that clinical guidance and support are more essential now than ever before.

Lara is Director of Adult Programs at Equip, a nationwide virtual eating disorder treatment center. Prior to her current role, she was Regional Clinical Director at Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center where she co-developed the mood and anxiety program and supported the launch of multiple treatment centers around the U.S.

Lara believes that clinicians have the capacity to continue to learn, grow and thrive throughout their careers. She empowers clinicians to confidently contribute to the clinical world by sharing their knowledge, strengths, and learning moments. Professionally, her goal is to ensure that clinicians can provide effective clinical care, without burning out and while maintaining energy and passion for this complicated and at times exhausting work.

The Clinician Development Collective took root in 2021 as a way of providing transparent, collaborative, and individualized support to therapists to help them find a specialty or niche, achieve their dreams, and feel a sense of mastery over their work. With a focus on evidence-based practices, Lara focuses on inclusive treatments at all levels of care for people struggling with mood, anxiety and eating disorders as well as trauma. 

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Certified Exposure and Response Therapist
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Supervisor

Advanced Specializations

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Exposure and Response Prevention
Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE)
Written Exposure Therapy
PE-DBT Protocol
Trauma Informed Care
Radically Open DBT
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Emotion Focused Family Therapy
Family Based Therapy
Mindfulness Theory and Practices

National Speaking Topics

Mood, Anxiety, and Eating Disorders
Trauma and PTSD
High Risk, Co-Occurring behaviors and treatments
Higher-levels of Care
Group Therapy

Highly Respected Trainings

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Prolonged Exposure Therapy
Written Exposure Therapy
Exposure and Response Prevention
Radically Open – DBT
PE-DBT Protocol

Meet the team

Our Supervisors

Clinical supervision is a special and imperative part of clinical practice. Ideally your supervision experiences will be something you reflect on with joy and satisfaction. In supervision with me, we’ll focus on building your clinical skills, exploring your clinical blocks to decrease transference, shape your code of ethics understanding, all while increasing your self-confidence as a therapist.

I believe through role plays, case discussions, readings and training, supervision should stretch supervisors to master new skills and develop new knowledge and perspectives that is essential to clinical skills development.

I believe laws and ethics is a critical piece of supervision in your development of practice. While the NASW Code of Ethics is our backbone as Social Workers, I believe helping supervisees define and articulate their own ethical decision-making model is an essential strategy to help guide your career. I believe that by exploring your own blocks, you become aware of what you are bringing into session with your clients and interactions with your colleagues. Being aware of and processing through those blocks is what sets you apart from other disciples and providers. As a supervisor I understand that systems theory is at play. I am careful to not impose my own clinical and personal values on supervises. Rather I invite my supervises to explore and “try on” different theories and values as they develop their own therapeutic self.
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Your Values. Your Practice.

Clinicians are not born exceptional, instead it takes trusted advisors, high quality training, and a clear roadmap.