The Power of Gratitude for Therapists

As mental health professionals, our job is to help others work through life’s challenges. This rewarding yet demanding role can lead to fatigue or burnout over time if we don’t make self-care a priority. Practicing gratitude can be a simple yet powerful way to refill our cup so we can continue providing compassionate care.   What […]

Striking the Balance: Pricing Strategies for Your Mental Health Practice

Launching a new mental health practice brings up many important decisions, not the least of which is determining your pricing structure. Setting your rates too high can price out potential clients, while going too low fails to properly value your time and expertise. When settling on pricing for your therapy or counseling services, keep the […]

The Sacred Interconnection of All Things

Written in honor of Native American Heritage Month I first glimpsed the Native American worldview during an undergraduate course on alternative medicine. We visited an Ayurvedic center, learned Transcendental Meditation, and spent time at a Native reservation.  Of all these experiences, my time on the reservation impacted me most deeply. Meeting tribal leaders, lawyers and […]

Treat Yourself and Your Clients with a Treatment Plan!

We all love treats, don’t we? Whether it is a scoop of ice cream or a warm cup of coffee, a little indulgence can surely lighten up our day. However, when it comes to mental health treatment plans, “treats” may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, most therapists dread the […]

Mental Illness Awareness Week: Challenging Stigma with Compassion and Knowledge

Mental illnesses affect people from all walks of life and can range from anxiety and depression to severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding mental illnesses often makes it difficult for people to seek treatment or ask for help. As a result, the lack of understanding and compassion towards mental […]

Clinician Blocks

Just like our clients, clinicians can also experience blocks. These blocks manifest as our own emotions, reactions, and personal challenges that we bring into the therapy room. It can be perplexing to know what to do about it. The most difficult part is when we believe that we shouldn’t have these blocks. However, it is […]

The Quest for Authenticity in a Digital World

As mental health therapists, we know that the human experience is complex and full of contradictions. We also know that authenticity is a core value that underpins our emotional well-being. But in a digital world, where social media is king, authenticity can feel like a rare gem. Everyone is curating their online persona, presenting an […]

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