Consultation for the Clinician

Studies show that those who invest in their professional growth by attending masterful trainings, receiving support and feedback from others, and striving to challenge themselves and learn will be ahead of their peers and the competition. If you are seeking to stand out in your career and make the greatest clinical impact we are here to see you succeed and achieve your professional dreams.

We believe that clinical versatility, intuition, and competence comes with excellent training, consultation, and support.

We believe that the best clinicians are eager to learn, are not afraid to ask for help, and seek mentors who encourage growth and learning.

Clinician Connection

Are you searching for high-quality clinical supervision, consultation, or support? Set up a time for us to talk so we can directly answer your questions!

Types of Consultation

Clinical supervision that can help you excel and expand your clinical courage, competence, and effectiveness. Your supervision is built on trust and safety. You can be assured that your supervisor has dedicated their time and expertise to learning and knowing the discipline of supervision.

As your supervisor, we follow and maintain the American Psychological Association’s guidelines of high-quality supervision. We maintain our own education and training in our competence of diversity, supervision, professionalism, assessment, effective evaluation and feedback, ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations.

Treatment Consult

How to apply evidence based treatments into your practice. It is highly recommended and best practice to receive consultation post-training for evidence-based treatments. In order to maintain fidelity of the treatment it is best to work with an expert to gain feedback, coaching, and guidance.

Business Consult

You have decided to go on your own or you would like to expand your practice. We are here to support you from a leadership, operations, and marketing strategy. We have done it ourselves and also are connected to experts in the field who can support you along the way. We are happy to connect with you, identify your needs, and set up an individualized strategy and outline for your project.

Case Consult

High-risk, co-occurring disorders lead to very complicated treatment planning, barriers, and resistance. We are here to offer case consultation, recommendations, treatment referrals for higher level of care, etc. We all need drop-in or consistent support on our cases and clientele. We would like to be a resource for those who need a trustworthy and reliable resource.

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