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Take charge of your career

high-quality training, supervision, and consultation

At the Clinician Development Collective, we provide high-quality training, supervision and consultation to empower mental health clinicians like you to achieving all of your personal and professional goals.

Become a more confident and effective therapist.
Build a thriving clinical practice that you love.
Find clarity in becoming the type of therapist you want to be.

Unlock the key to identify what is holding you back

Licensed Experts

Individual Supervision

$ 120 Hourly
  • 60 Minute Session
  • Available outside of session via email and phone

Monthly Supervision

$ 400 Monthly
  • 2 Individual Sessions
  • 2 Group/Dyad Sessions
  • Available outside of session via email and phone
  • Values and Strengths Assessment

Group/Dyad Supervision

$ 100 Hourly
  • 60 Minute Group Session
  • Available outside of session via email
What we offer

Discover Your Own Unique Path to Success

Get the knowledge and resources you need to build a thriving practice as an effective mental health clinician.
Clinical Supervision
Looking to acquire clinical supervision towards licensure? We want to ensure that your time in supervision is focused, goal oriented, and a worthy investment. Our supervision is led by supervisors with years of experience supporting pre-licensed clinicians thrive and develop as astute, compassionate, and effective clinicians.
Clinical Consultation
Focused and solution specific consultation and coaching for clinical cases related to high-risk and complex disorders related to mood, anxiety, trauma, and eating. Evidence-based practices Exposure and Response Prevention, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
Clinician Vision Program
Created for master’s level counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists, the Clinician Vision Program delivers clinical trainings straight to your inbox each week. Stay up-to-date on today’s most relevant and important clinical topics and identify what it takes to build a successful clinical practice.
Clinical Training
We offer introductory level training on some of the most used evidence based treatments. These training sessions are a great way to learn more about the treatment, which treatment to use for what disorder, and how to ensure it is done with fidelity and efficacy.

Our mission

Clinician Development Collective’s mission is to offer services that derive excellent clinical care through cultivating the strengths of the clinician by offering high-quality clinical supervision, foundational training, career development and growth, community, and support.
Approach complex mental health issues with evidence-based tools and support

I understand how hard it can be to figure out your path as a mental health clinician. Even after licensure, you still need a roadmap to personal and professional success.

Develop your confidence as a clinician

This work isn’t easy. This is why I offer you comprehensive guidance on how to build a business model that is unique to you and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Expertly work with clients in crisis

As therapists, we can’t address all of a client’s individual concerns in each session. As I help you identify what to focus on with each client, you’ll increase your productivity and reduce the risk of burnout.

Build your professional network

Join a supportive community of like-minded mental health professionals that you can learn from and share experiences with. Approach your clients each day from a calm and grounded foundation.


What They Say About Us

We’ll show you a clear roadmap towards long-lasting professional success.

There’s no need to feel lost once you become licensed.

We’ll show you a clear roadmap towards long-lasting professional success.

Founder & executive Clinical director

I’ve walked in your shoes.

I know firsthand what it takes to create long-lasting success as a clinician.

–Lara Effland, LICSW, CEDS-S

I’ve been a program manager building new lines of service for large providers.

I’ve provided thousands of hours of effective therapy to diverse clients of all ages and genders.

I’ve created hundreds of educational tools for emerging and experienced clinicians.

I am passionate about helping other clinicians confidently apply the skills and tools I’ve been so fortunate to learn into their own practices.