Clinician Vision

Build Your Confidence and Skills as a Mental Health Therapist

Common challenges therapists have before starting the Clinician Vision- Foundational Skills:

  • “I want to learn how to build a successful clinical practice.”
  • “I want to learn how to apply the evidence-based treatments I’m learning to a variety of clients.”
  • “I feel like an imposter. Who’s helping who?!?”


The 6-lesson module includes:

  • Mastering initial assessments and intakes
  • Best practices for diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Rapport-building strategies for first sessions
  • Safety planning for high-risk clients
  • Legal, ethical and documentation training
  • Self-care and resilience tactics


Live Training Sessions

Looking for community and learning!

Then attend the live training sessions to learn with your colleagues, get your questions answered in real-time by our experienced clinical-educator. Sessions are also recorded for on-demand viewing.

Comprehensive Training Materials

Each lesson includes slides, worksheets, explanatory videos, and resources to reinforce your learning. Apply what you learn right away.

What awaits you in this 6-lesson Foundational Skills Module:
  • This introductory conversation with new clients covers how to engage them, gather information, end the call, and next steps.
  • Lesson 1 inspires new ways to approach initial meetings with prospective clients and helps build confidence and a plan to guide the client through your process and what to expect.
  • Learn how long quality assessments take, why they’re critical, and get a full assessment template to build your own.
  • Lesson 2 will equip you with a strong clinical compass and enhance your confidence on the best interventions and treatment plan.
  • Master how to diagnose clients, reasons for diagnoses, communicating with clients, and handling complex diagnoses carefully.
  • Lesson 3 will boost your skillset when it comes to the DSM-V and beyond.
  • Discover how to create 6-month treatment plans for outpatient clients and use them as your therapeutic roadmap.
  • Focused clinicians use a treatment plan to help them stay on task, review progress, and collaborate with their client on effective interventions and plans.
  • Get proven techniques to build rapport quickly in those crucial early sessions and prevent early drop-out.
  • Lesson 5 on early session interventions and rapport building techniques prevents the directionless and at times helpless feelings we can feel when helping a new client through complex issues or crisis.
  • Ensure client safety by learning how to assess crises and create effective safety plans.
  • Lesson 6 is essential to building a strong foundation as a highly skilled and effective clinician. Do you have your emergency plan written out, ready to implement, and can apply it to a diverse set of circumstances? Well, you will!!

The Foundational Skills is perfect for:

  • New clinicians just starting their careers after graduation
  • Clinicians in their first 1-3 years of professional practice
  • Clinicians who feel unsure or lacking confidence in core skills
  • Those seeking to refresh and strengthen their clinical foundations
  • Therapists who want to take their practice to the next level
  • Clinicians who don’t have access to much mentorship or supervision
  • Anyone feeling stuck and wanting to gain momentum in their career

With the Foundational Skills module, you’ll:

  • Feel confident in your clinical abilities
  • Learn how to thoroughly assess client needs
  • Build strong therapeutic relationships
  • Create effective treatment plans
  • Handle challenging client situations

This module solidifies your confidence and sets you up for success throughout your career. It provides the core understanding you need to help clients reach their goals.

How do I reserve my spot?

Getting Started with the Foundational Skills Module

We’re thrilled you’re interested in joining our Foundational Skills community. Here’s a brief overview of the simple sign-up process:

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We aim to make enrollment low-pressure and hassle-free. Please reach out if any part of the process feels unclear. It’s important we set you up for a positive learning experience.

However, limited spots are available!! Reserve yours today!!

We look forward to having you in the course and helping you build clinical skills and confidence. Let us know if we can answer any questions!

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Clinician Vision: Your Roadmap To Success

The Clinician Vision Program can be Utilized Across Multiple Practice Environments and Specialities:

  • Private, group, non-profit, community-based clinicians
  • Clinicians across specializations – counselors, social workers, psychologists
  • Both associate/pre-licensed and licensed clinicians

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