Supervision towards Licensure for the Clinician

Support for your journey

We believe pre-licensed clinicians deserve masterful training in evidence based treatments, encouragement and support from a collective they trust in order to build a thriving practice and professional self.

Pre-licensed clinicians have gained the fundamentals of clinical theory, policy, and research in the Master’s program. Pre-licensure is the time to receive masterful training in evidence based treatments, mentorship, and effective feedback, and support from a supervisor and peers.

Types of Supervision

Clinical supervision that can help you excel and expand your clinical courage, competence, and effectiveness. Your supervision is built on trust and safety. You can be assured that your supervisor has dedicated their time and expertise to learning and knowing the discipline of supervision.

As your supervisor, we follow and maintain the American Psychological Association’s guidelines of high-quality supervision. We maintain our own education and training in our competence of diversity, supervision, professionalism, assessment, effective evaluation and feedback, ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations.

Empower your competence!

Learn evidence based and transdiagnostic treatments and application.


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