Meet The Supervisors

Stephanie Butler, LICSW

Clinical supervision is a special and imperative part of clinical practice. Ideally your supervision experiences will be something you reflect on with joy and satisfaction. In supervision with me, we’ll focus on building your clinical skills, exploring your clinical blocks to decrease transference, shape your code of ethics understanding, all while increasing your self-confidence as a therapist.

I believe through role plays, case discussions, readings and training, supervision should stretch supervisees to master new skills and develop new knowledge and perspectives that is essential to clinical skills development.

I believe laws and ethics is a critical piece of supervision in your development of practice. While the NASW Code of Ethics is our backbone as Social Workers, I believe helping supervisees define and articulate their own ethical decision-making model is an essential strategy to help guide your career.

I believe that by exploring your own blocks, you become aware of what you are bringing into session with your clients and interactions with your colleagues. Being aware of and processing through those blocks is what sets you apart from other disciples and providers. As a supervisor I understand that systems theory is at play. I am careful to not impose my own clinical and personal values on supervises. Rather I invite my supervises to explore and “try on” different theories and values as they develop their own therapeutic self.

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