The Benefits of Private Clinical Supervision

Research shows, “The results of the quantitative analysis showed that effective clinical supervision was associated with lower burnout and greater staff retention, and effective supervisor was associated with lower burnout and greater job satisfaction. Qualitative findings showed that healthcare professionals believed that adequate clinical supervision could mitigate the risk of burnout, facilitate staff retention, and improve the work environment, while inadequate clinical supervision can lead to stress and burnout.” (Martin, et. al., 2021)

Clinical supervision is imperative, however, there is very little research or poor conceptualization that impedes furthering research and practice. So far through a best evidence synthesis review, done by Derek Milne, et al. 2008, they were able to conclude a basic model of clinical supervision: didactic presentations, reading assignments, open-ended discussions, personal modelling, experiential activities, video demonstrations, case examples, and mini-case conferences.” (Norcross and Haglin, 1997).
You may be wondering why would I seek supervision elsewhere? You may have an amazing job, however, are not benefitting from your current clinical supervisor due to their lack of availability, energy, time, skill, competence, etc. This will only negatively impact you and your professional development. Many people leave jobs due to poor management or clinical supervision within their first year of employment. It is imperative to have a choice in your professional development. We all have individualized needs and want access to many supervisors and trainers.

After graduation therapists are on a two-year fast track to learn more about how to be an effective mental health therapist and what they want to specialize in. Some post-master’s therapists will enter community mental health, hospitals, behavioral health treatment centers, or group practices. There they will receive on the job training and may be automatically connected to a clinical supervisor who will sign off on their hours. That is wonderful and you still have options. If your clinical supervision is not up to par, you can supplement with private clinical supervision. If you are in a practice that does not offer clinical supervision hours, then it is wonderful that private clinical supervision is available to you.

Clinical Supervision is such an amazing resource and a direct correlation to the strength of the services the provider offers. Private clinical supervision should offer group, individual, training, and support. Our jobs as mental health therapists are complex and require a multi-faceted approach to our education and support system.

I want to make the process of becoming an associate to a licensed therapist transparent, foundational, and ensure that people get the most out of their pre-licensure development. Clinician Development Collective can offer this to individuals seeking these services or to organizations who would like to use our system and approach to clinical supervision and clinician development.

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